I found this on the interwebs of youtube while searching for good listening music while I work. It's beautiful.
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I've come to know that there are many things in life that can be very confusing, hurtful and emotionally mind blowing as a young woman trying to make it in a simple world, especially in a world of men. Don't get me wrong, I'm not downing the 'men' of the world. I'm only speaking of the reality that is life on this planet. Women are not considered the dominant of men, I would expect that no human is more dominant than the other...
But, when it comes to being a young girl, weaving and bobbing thru the visual attentions of men, she can become lost. A lot of young ladies don't realize that there are many who would help to guide and protect them, help them make better decisions about who and what they choose to do in life and love. There's one particular author and book that comes to mind for this type of discussion...
If you want a basic understanding of the hair typing system designed by Andre Walker, then see the short and to the point video vlog. It's by one of my favorite Hair BFF's followed on youtube. My hair story blog topic is coming up soon.
'To help women empower themselves with this art, makeup. Believe it or not, you can transform your life with one lipstick. Women have stronger careers, future and self esteem when they feel confident and beautiful'.   
quote by Michelle Phan

This video is all about shoes...I love shoes! Do you?
     It was as though the heavens opened up and Jesus himself came reigning down to Earth on a dark gray stallion and commanded to the world that his presence be known. "Halt! Stop! Listen and kneel before me this instance!" He shouted.  That's exactly what the torrential rains that set upon us began like. It happened within a matter of minutes and felt as though it lasted a life time. Seriously, it's like the flood gates to the ocean opened up from the sky and just poured down on us in a fury with H2O (minus the salt). For some, it was a life giver, for others it was a life taker. In the news that day, the newscaster spoke about how a woman got swept away in an over flowing enbankment. She had been shoplifting (her and another woman) in a shopping center department store. When they were noticed by the security officer, they took off running from the store. The officer was in pursuit, so I guess they were too busy trying to get away from him than to notice how heavy the rains had become in such a short time. Which, if you're familiar with what happens when rain hits very quickly, it started to flood.  One of the ladies ran into a neighborhood with a large enbankment that had begun to overflow, she got swept away and died. Not sure what happened to the other woman, but this was just....ridiculous  'may he rest her soul'.

     As for me, I was just leaving the building of my work place - yes, I still have a 9-5...lol.  It was the weekend start of my birthday. I had been looking forward to this day for 22 years (whole 'nother story). The sky was blue earlier that morning, but 15 minutes before it was time for me to leave, the sky started to frown. I had no umbrella and I didn't make it out of the building without getting soaked. Thank goodness for natural hair! I had to drive at 15 miles per hour and I live 25 minutes away - driving 45 mph..... so that's day one☺
     Day two started out fairly well. It was my birthday, I had received all the calls from the family back home, my children had given the birthday wishes and presents, and they all left me alone to do whatever it was I wanted to do that morning (my favorite gift of all). We had planned to go to the movies too that afternoon, eat dinner and have ice cream and cake; the usual family birthday stuff. Well, the day went ok except for one thing...THE SUV!  As we crank the vehicle to leave that afternoon, I noticed that is sounded a little weak but I thought it was just me and my over conscience thinking nature. But, after the movie was over (Cowboys and Aliens) I cranked the engine again and realized that it did sound weak, even weaker than a couple of hours ago.  Needless to say... we did make it home from the movie and that was the last crank. The battery was dead. Still not sure how that happened, it was cranking perfect before! So that cost me a birthday dinner plus $180.00 later. So that's day two.
     On day three, of all things to go wrong, my camcorders SD memory card broke! Yes, the one with all my birthday stuff on it...before I could upload it to my computer :( 
Not to complain too much though because I'm alive, my family is well and I still look pretty darn good for my age☺

What a milestone birthday that was! One that I'll never forget!