I vowed never to step foot on a Florida beach again...ever!
But I guess I was wrong and I'm glad that I was! Trust me, if you saw me the day before and the day of, as we headed to the beach, you would think that I was a rotten child throwing a temper tantrum. All I did was wine and carry on to my family about how much I hated that whole 'beach scene'. I was born and raised in the Sunshine State and I'd lived in Florida for more than 30 years, all I knew for vacation....was 'beach scene'.
     There are many people who covet this type of landscape but I had just been worn down.  Who wants to look at blue skies, bouncy waves and weird dirt all day, right? ☺ BTW, not all beaches look that good! Anyhoo, I digress.  As I was saying, to me... the beach had become  nothing more than a long drive, finding dirt in places I can't even discuss and the sun rays just ruining my eyesight!

     But, by not having seen most of my family with my own very eyes for over a year along with  the fact that this was tradition in my family... I eventually let my mood settle, took in a deep Florida breathe, just sat back and enjoyed the ride that came with good conversation that led us all the way to 'the beach'. It was my child hood running back to me as I began to hit the stretch of road that mysteriously showed sprinkled peaks of waves thru the sparse trees near the road side with beach sand at the front stretching for miles and miles. Plus, a long and wide bridge that I now remembered was the best part of the car ride over these coastal waters; to cross over into what many may refer to as "a small piece of heaven" or a slice of good pie!  Anyway, I can't describe to you fully of what the beach is truly like though. I can say, however, that it's an experience that no one living on planet Earth should miss or at least come back to ever now and again. ♥

St. George Island
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