I am a woman who has spent the last 19 years of her life rearing three wonderful, hell raising children.  These now, young adults have helped me remain a solid, consistant, brave, and emotionally strong, no nonsense kind of woman. 

As most women ( so men say), I like to talk.  This is one of the primary reasons why I've decided to become a blogger.  I like to debate...heavily about many different types of topics about all kinds of areas of life.  I am passionate and sometimes unyielding in my views, unless good points are made.  I've been told that I have an eccentric and inquisitive personality by some of my friends.    I am Leo born and I'd like to think that I am a fair person ~ don't ask my kids that though...LOL.

I am one of three daughters to a beautiful, soulful, and very knowledgeable lady; the only person in my life that has had the natural ability to read between my lines when I'm am needing to express myself or hardily trying to get my point across.  I am hoping that with this blog spot that my readers will help me make those lines more ledgible in view, while also lending me a good ear.  I too am a good listener and can't wait to have a healthy discussion with my readers.  As a kid in the middle of three, I often found myself always stuck in the in between, trying to find an answer that best fit the end result for my sisters.  This has not alway worked in my favor, but it was always fair.

In life, relationships are very important.  For me I like REAL relating.  I've experienced many positive, negative, hard, joyful, tearful things in my life.  Out of all of the life I've lived, I know...that I have a natural nature.  If you want to get to the meaning of what that is, then stay in touch with me by visiting this page often.  Tell me what you think and make sure to share your thoughts.

Live Well & Love Hard,


My hair last Fall, using an old recipe that I've since learned to develop even more. Just a quick style.