I'm still shocked that I did this most wonderful thing! I started thinking about starting my own all natural beauty care product line sometime late last year. Let me start from the beginning ☺ I am an avid Youtuber and I have been on a natural hair care journey on You Tube since October 2009 ~ StormyHair. During this journey, I discovered that there was a vast amount of information about all natural products and there uses for kinky/curly hair textured people, such as myself. Well, I began to realize that my love of gardening and cooking helped develop a love for making my own natural hair and skin care products right in my very own kitchen nook! I learned to make products such as a whipped shea butter recipes, hair oil concoctions, black soap shampoo etc... I also discovered that I was really good at it and it felt all to natural for me to do. So I began doing some research about starting an internet business, I started learning about natural butters, oils, chemical processes, digging around for recipes and whatever I could get my hands on about understanding how vital it is to use natural ingredients versus chemically altered products.  And I discussed it with my immediate family and we decided to do it! Yay!  I am overwhelmingly happy, scared, excited and did I mention scared...LOL about beginning on this new adventure, down the road of being a small business owner, entreprenuer, President and CEO ☺.  Well, hopefully, if your reading this, you will welcome me and my little company in to your life with open arms. 

♥Thank you for listening and I'll talk to you soon♥.



06/17/2012 00:30

I really enjoyed reading your blogs and watching your videos. God has truly blessed you to bless others. Good luck on your journey to success!!!!


I am truly happy for your opening. Being able to open a company of your own is an amazing and wonderful thing to do. I am actually planning to have one someday. Well, I plan to have a grocery store because I believe this is something that our place needs at the moment. Anyway, I am curious with whatever is happening to you right now. How was the business going? I am sure it is doing well. Good luck on your company! And thank you for this site! :)


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